1. Capacity Management

    Ensure that your capacity is managed with consistent reviews

  2. Set Alerts To Avoid Consumption Peaks

    Our bespoke exception report empowers you with up to the minute consumption alerts

  3. Monitor Your Consumption

    Establish trends and spikes with regular consumption reports

  4. Forecast Your Budgets

    Manage and prepare your bottom line by setting budgets based on your sites consumption.


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Reporting & Data Collection

Our bespoke in house designed systems checks and validates all gas, electricity and water invoices against contractual stipulations, interval meter data, and industry published non commodity charges to ensure your account is consistently up to date and any potential credits and rebates are achieved and sent to you. 

Our portfolio is averaging over £135,000 per month recovered from the UK supply base.

Eutility provide a full suite of reporting that has two main formats:
Template reports:  These can be run instantaneously online and delivered to your email in an XLS format.
Bespoke Reporting:  We can compile bespoke energy reports on request with a 48 hour turn-around.
Depending on the requirements of our clients these reports can include the following:

  • Cost and consumption
  • Annual Comparisons
  • Monthly expenditure
  • Budget Forecasts
  • Scenario reporting
  • League Table Reporting
  • Rebill analysis
  • Half Hourly exception Reporting
  • Peak alert systems
  • Capacity Management Report
Our reports not only give you visibility on your energy but the ability to control your consumption through setting trigger alert systems to help you implement change and reduce cost.