Combining our 37 years of trading globally and our highly experienced and pioneering team we offer unrivalled access to the wholesale energy market. Whether it is fixing your energy price or building a risk strategy for your business. Eutility will help you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivering value and boast long-term relationships with our clients, many of who are well-known established companies.
We work with all UK suppliers that have passed our due-diligence checks, this varies from small independent suppliers to the big six, giving you access to suppliers who also work exclusively with consultants.

Eutility offer a variety of contracting options and strategies in which you can purchase your business energy.  The most frequent question among our client base is whether to fix their energy costs or to flex their contract to give them multiple buying opportunities.

Fixed v Flexible Contracts
Third Party Charges
Fixed Contracts

A fixed contract is a traditional contract that allows you to fix all your energy charges for long term contracts that secure all of your commodity and non-commodity costs. Depending on the type of fixed contract you opt for (please refer to our third part charges document).


  • Budget certainty
  • Protection against third party costs
  • Protection against large market swings
  • Simple billing
  • Less management time needed

Flexible Contracts

A Flexible contract enables you to make more than one buying decision in your contract, allowing you to manage your market position actively and take advantage of any downward trends in the market.


  • Multiple buying opportunities
  • Greater transparency
  • Possibility of selling back
  • Take advantage of a falling market
  • Ability to re-forecast volume


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